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Proposed change in the law will see motorists have to report hitting a cat

A new petition for a change in the law is seeking to ensure that motorists who run over a cat will now have to report it. Surprisingly, this hadn’t been enshrined in law in the UK previously. It was a legal requirement to report if your car hit a dog – or, in rare countryside […]

medical negligence claim

Here’s how compensation is calculated in a medical negligence claim

A financial settlement is usually not the main reason why a person who has suffered clinical negligence impact seeks compensation. Nevertheless, the court system has the power only to award financial compensation. Maybe now through the litigation process, one will receive an apology or the poor practices of the health care providers will be highlighted. […]

Health Insurance

Teenager’s slip on ski holiday leads to £34,000 medical bill

Slip, trip & fall claims have continued to increase in the UK in the recent past. During a ski trip to France, one family had to pay £34,000 to foot a medical bill after their son, 14, slipped on ice. Tom Karbowiak was rushed to a medical center for specialised operation after physicians ascertained that […]