Here’s how compensation is calculated in a medical negligence claim

medical negligence claim

A financial settlement is usually not the main reason why a person who has suffered clinical negligence impact seeks compensation. Nevertheless, the court system has the power only to award financial compensation.

Maybe now through the litigation process, one will receive an apology or the poor practices of the health care providers will be highlighted. So there’s no ignoring the fact that the success of a claim is measured by the awarding of a financial compensation. Considering this, it is helpful for those who have suffered to understand how a financial recompense is calculated. As per the General Principle of English Law, compensation is broadly divided into two categories, general damages (physical and psychological injuries) and special damages (financial losses).

These two categories generally guide the calculation of a financial settlement. It is argued that a compensation should put back the position they were as nearly as possible. This is what your medical negligence solicitors should aim at in the pursuit of a compensation.

General Damages
Physical and psychological injuries are valued based on the Judicial College Guidelines. There are numerous types of injuries listed on the 13 chapters of the book. Below is a range where are the amount of financial compensation may fall for some of the injuries:

– Tetraplegia £284,610 to £354,260 (Here is the highest valued injury)

– Severe psychiatric injury generally £48,080 to £101,470 (The injured person will encounter marked problems affecting work as well as personal relationships and the prognosis will be poor)

– Complete loss of sight in one eye £43,200 to £48,080

– Female infertility £15,750 to £32,210 (Without medical complications and where injured person already has children)

– Severe bowel injury £39,090 to £61,140 (Leading to impairment of function and often requiring temporary colostomy)

– Above knee amputation of one leg £91,910 to £120,530

– Moderate chronic regional pain syndrome £24,580 to £46,040

Special Damages

– Loss of earnings: Lost wages following injury may be recovered as can bonuses, salary increases and other earnings.

– Care and assistance: Should medical negligence lead to an injury that may require someone to be cared for, the care may be financially compensated. Sometimes, one may need professional care like that of a nurse. You may get compensation to be able to keep the professional around.

– Accommodation and adaptation costs: Some injury may require you to change the house you’re living in or even make alterations. These expenses you incur may be recovered

– Travel costs: The medical appointments you get with a doctor are expenses, including mileage and parking costs.

– Treatment expenses: Any treatment you get from a private healthcare provider is costly and may be recovered.

– Medication costs: Medication, as well as medication aids such as prostheses, may be recovered.

Funeral costs may also be covered as well as miscellaneous expenses like a holiday or theatre you were supposed to go but cancelled due to injury. Now you have an idea of how a medical negligence claim compensation is calculated. This is what medical negligence solicitors should work to get their clients.