Teenager’s slip on ski holiday leads to £34,000 medical bill

Health Insurance

Slip, trip & fall claims have continued to increase in the UK in the recent past. During a ski trip to France, one family had to pay £34,000 to foot a medical bill after their son, 14, slipped on ice. Tom Karbowiak was rushed to a medical center for specialised operation after physicians ascertained that his spleen had ruptured. The devastating injuries horrified the whole family. Alison Karbowiak, the boy’s mother expressed her heart-wrenching experience after the unfortunate ordeal and pointed out that the family had to pay £34,000 to clear the medical bills after the accident and treatment.

Tom mistook ice for snow while skiing and suffered a heavy fall. After undergoing through scans at the hospital, the specialists confirmed the worst, he had ruptured his spleen. At first, the physicians had failed to identify the condition and he was rushed to another hospital after his medical condition deteriorated rapidly. The boy and his mother had to endure a grueling 2-hour ambulance journey to a well-equipped hospital. Tom’s mother described the journey as a severe torture to her beloved son and she had to watch helplessly as his son lost consciousness from time to time.

Once the ambulance arrived, the medical specialists managed to successfully remove Tom’s spleen. The boy spent nearly 2 weeks in the medical institution recovering from the surgery. Perhaps this case helps the UK citizenry to better understand the importance of slip, trip & fall claims. Tom’s family received a huge hospital bill to settle the emergency treatment. Fortunately, the family had secured an insurance cover before embarking on the skiing trip to France.  Ms. Karbowiak explained that an absence of the medical cover would have ruined the family’s monetary resources for several years.

The boy’s mother pointed out that lack of a medical cover would have exhausted the family’s savings, affected the daily bills, and adversely affected the educational options of the children. Alison explained that they always take an insurance cover before traveling to enjoy peace of mind if the unexpected happens. Before taking any local or foreign trips, it is advisable to take an insurance cover and ensure everyone in the team is covered. Tom and his family just expected to have a nice time in Europe enjoying their skiing adventure but the unexpected just happened.

The slip, trip & fall claims help you to settle the hospital and the ambulance expenses when an accident happens. Even in the workplace, it is crucial to ensure that employees are covered for possible falls, trips, or slips.  A medical insurance coverage on the three types of accidents provides workers with flexibility and peace of mind when an accident happens. The next time you go for a local or foreign expedition, consider taking an insurance cover for slips, trips, or falls.